How to Frame 1

To Frame your Art Print Party print choose whether you would like a frame that has a mount board or a frame without. When choosing to frame with a mount board you will need to choose a frame the next size up from your print size. Here we have an A4 print that we would like to have a mount, so are using an A3 frame. Most frames however will list the size of the frame or the board mount on the frame, to make purchasing the correct size quite easy. 

It is best to choose a frame that has acid free backing and acid free mount board so that the acid does not discolour your prints over time. The same applies to the tape that you use to adhere the print to the back of the mount board. The tape is best if it is acid free or photo safe and should be printed clearly on the tape package that it meets these requirements. Scotch have many Photo Safe tapes to choose from.

Place your frame face down on a clear sturdy surface with plenty of space around it. Remove the backing from the frame, as well as the paper and foam or any kind of fill it has. If your glass or perspex appears to be clean then proceed with the next step. Otherwise remove the mount board and dust with a lint free cloth.

How to Frame 2

Carefully place your print face down onto the back of the mount board. Ensure that the print evenly covers the opening of the mount board. You may need to hold the print to the frame with your hands and pick the frame up to assess how straight your print is on the viewing side. Adjust your print until you are happy with each edge being even and the print looking straight. If framing with no mount, the print simply goes straight into the frame.

Once your print is in a position you are happy with apply the photo safe, acid free tape carefully to the corners. You will want to keep the print in place so that it remains straight in the frame. Only a small amount of tape on each corner is required.

Once this step is completed return the paper white side face down and any foam or padding that the frame came with back into the frame on top of your print. Place the backing back on the frame and ensure it is secured correctly to the frame. 

How to Frame 4
How to Frame final

Flip the frame over, view side facing up and admire your new Art Print Party downloadable print. Now it’s time to hang your print on the wall. Alternatively place your Art on a console, sideboard or bedside on a lean and style with decor and homewares. Check out our HOW TO -STYLE for inspiration on how to style printable art that is not hung on a wall.