Couple hanging picture frame on wall in new house

Before proceeding with hanging frames please read all instructions on all products and tools you are using and take all safety precautions to ensure you are not placing yourself or others in danger. This information is only to be used as a general guide and each interior space is completely unique with its own set of risks.

When hanging a print its best to have two sets of eyes but don’t fear, it can be accomplished solo as well. 

Hold the frame up against the wall at the position you would like it to hang or have someone else hold it for you. You can direct the person holding the frame to position the frame exactly where you would like it. Once it is in the spot you like, mark the wall with a lead pencil lining up with the centre of the frame. We find an upside down T does the trick. A straight line across the top of the frame on the wall and then a small 1cm single line going up to the ceiling in the centre. 

Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the top of the frame to the top of the bracket on the back of your frame. If your frame has two brackets on either side you will need to measure both of these as they may be slightly different. If you frame has a wire or cord you will need to hold one finger in the wire or cord and hold the weight of the frame on your finger so that it is stretched upwards just as it would be with a hook on the wall. Measure from the peak of the wire or cord to the top of the frame. Record the length.

Using your rule or tape measure down from the upside down T down your wall to the length you recorded. Ensure your line is straight. Place a small dot on the wall you can clearly see. You can check the lead pencil markings are straight by stepping back a few metres and observing your markings or you can use a spirit level if you have one. If someone else is assisting you they may be able to hold a ruler to both marking or a straight object such as a book. 

Now line the very bottom of your hook up (not the pin or nail section of the hook) with your lowest lead pencil marking on the wall. Follow the instructions on your hook packet to place the hook into the wall taking all safety precautions. You may need to use a stud finder, wall mates or screws and other tools to ensure there are no electrical obstacles and the safe positioning of your hooks. Be sure to use hooks that are the correct weight for your frame and are for the correct material that your wall has been constructed from. If you are unsure we recommend you have a professional handy person hang your frames safely for you. 

Now it’s time to enjoy your space and your Art Print Part printable art !