Colour Posters Printing

For those in Australia follow this link to the Office Works Colour Posters page, where you will find the “Finished Size” drop down menu. Choose the size that corresponds with the size of your Art Print Party Download purchase. Then click “Create”

See below for the complete set of steps to printing with Office Works or printing at home.

Choose the first option “Upload your design”

Upload your Designs

Click on “Choose file”. Select the Art Print Party file from your Downloads on your device. It will upload onto the Office Works Site.

Upload Art Print Party File

You will see your Art Print Party digital file has uploaded successfully. Click “Next step”.

Upload Digital File

Step 02, Material Options. Choose 160gsm Coated. 

Click “Next Step”.

Choose Paper Type

Step 03, Finishing Options. Choose No Laminate. 

Click “Next step”

Finishing Options

Step 04, Summary. Review your Design. 

 Ensure that the Finished Size you have chosen corresponds with the size you have purchased from Art Print Party. 

The Roll Media is to be 160gsm Coated.

The Laminate is No Laminate. 

Choose the Quantity of prints you would like printed and click “Add to cart”.

Success your Art Print Party digital file has been added to the cart for Office Works to print for you. 

Continue through the site to choose the Click and Collect option to pick up at your nearest store or have your print delivered to your door so you can stay put on the couch. Happy Days !

Add to Cart
Preview Fill Paper Low Ink

When printing at home, we recommend you open your Printer’s preferences or Print Preview so that you may adjust the print settings. All printers and their software differ in appearance so please just use this as a guide. We find that when printing from home that choosing to “Fill Entire Paper” gives the smallest white border possible around the print. Next, click on the drop down beside Preview or look for a Media and Quality option. Be sure that your printer is not alerting you to Low Ink levels. Your downloadable art will print much better if you have full ink cartridges.

Click or select the Media & Quality setting. Then slide the bar to “Best”. Your printer software may appear different from this guide. Look to your printer instructions or Help guide to adjust your printer to similar settings to achieve the best quality print possible for your unique printer. 

Once you have set your printer to the Best quality of printing, ensure your printer has paper and then click “Print”. We suggest leaving your print in the completed job tray for a minute or two to ensure it has dried before being handled. 

Alternatively you can upload your files to Office Works via this link

Vista Print or a printing & copy business online and have the files printed for you.