How to Style console 1

Styling your printable art can be fun and simple. Look for items in your home with a similar colour palette. You could also pair your art with white, black, or neutral coloured items so that the colours in your art print really steal the show and pop. 

There are many ways to style art when it is not hung on a wall. Here we have chosen for the art to be the centre of the vignette and have placed the other decor items either side, and at lower heights. Depth has also been considered with the decor at various positions beginning with the tallest furthest to the back and the shortest closest to the front. Your styling will look more polished if all items are not in a straight line along the wall beside the printable art. 

Find items in your home that you love and play around with these and your print to see what suits your style best. Now your Art Print Party has started !